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Smart Play® Volo™

Smart Play® Volo™ is an exhilarating play structure designed to deliver a wealth of fun for all. The innovative LSI Flexx™ steel-reinforced cable netting material ensures constant connectivity throughout the inner ring of play, offering children of all abilities a varied spectrum of play experiences and access to all Volo levels.

LED Jumping Jets

With LED Jumping Jets, water is a splash for all of your senses!


Welcome to our World of Play! The 2024 Playground Catalog by Landscape Structures shows how serious they are about play. Discover striking designs, industry-leading innovation to truly inclusive play environments in the 2024 Playground Catalog!


The 2024 PLAY Book has arrived! View many uniquely designed community playgrounds and discover how play spaces designed for inclusivity allow children of all abilities to play together.

Focal™ Sensory Wall

The Focal Sensory Wall has many activities to explore! Panels have play on both sides and opportunities for see-through interaction as well. With easy walk-up or roll-up access, everyone can participate in the fun.

Fox Den™ Hangouts

Offers kids a place to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy playground with comfortable seats in two sizes.

Forge™ Climber

The Forge Climber features a large cable climber and two panels with mirror cutouts for sensory play.

Fortress™ Multi-Climber

With climbing challenges of varying difficulty, the Fortress Multi-Climber offers something for everyone.

Forma™ Playsystem

Forma brings a contemporary vibe to any play environment! With its architectural influences and endless color possibilities, create the perfect complement to your play setting, whether you’re looking for a nature-inspired style or something more modern.

Newest PlayBooster® Climbers

A Vine, Tidal Wave and Mobius are what you'll find in our newest release of climbers for PlayBooster playstructures for kids ages 5 to 12!

Color Palettes

New Color Palettes are truly inspired by nature. Each shade has been carefully selected to create a spectrum that'll wow kids now and over the life of the playground!