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Newest PlayBooster® Climbers

PlayBooster® Vine Climber
Tidal Wave Climber
Mobius® Climber

PlayBooster® Climbers 

Age Ranges: 5 to 12 Years

A Vine, Tidal Wave and Mobius are the newest release of climbers for PlayBooster playstructures.

  • Vine Climber – Achieve the highest height on the PlayBooster® Vine Climber. Climb on the steel frame for sure footing or navigate the cables for more challenge on the way up and down. GripX steps at the six-foot level provide a perch to take in the view. 
  • Tidal Wave Climber – Surf the wave! The Tidal Wave Climber provides over and under play with a variety of materials for different challenges. The upper belting and cables form a wavy, wiggly bridge, and the lower belting is a great spot to crawl through or hang out and watch the action. 
  • Mobius Climber – The Mobius® Climber with Permalene® Handholds tests the agility and strength of courageous climbers! Twists and turns in the panels challenge kids to adapt their body position as they climb up to the deck.