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HealthBeat Circuit™



  • The circular design and open layout make HealthBeat Circuit a perfect space for community circuit training classes, and the combination of equipment creates a fully functional fitness space that can be used for a wide variety of training methods.
  • Fitness equipment for strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility training engaging all muscle groups are all covered by integrated shade to provide protection from the sun while exercising.  An included Welcome Sign features a library of movements with a scannable code linking to instruction videos on


11 Fitness Stations

All stations are integrated into the shade structure to provide protection from the sun while exercising.

Signage with QR Codes

Each station’s signage has a scannable QR code linking to instructional videos.

32 Attachment Locations

Add exercise options by connecting resistance bands at different locations.

Center Space

Perform additional exercises and stretches in the center of the Circuit.