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Playground Planning


Envision your Play Area:

  • What ages and abilities will use this play area?
  • How many visitors will play at once?
  • Are there unique historical characteristics, a color scheme or theme you’d like to incorporate?
  • Do you need additional amenities such as shade, benches or waste receptacles?

Analyze your Site:

  • Consider the characteristics of your site, including both natural and man-made elements. We will work with you to analyze your site to make the most of the natural topography, nearby trees and shrubbery, and existing walking paths to create a beautiful play environment.

Design Your Playground Site:

  • Create a detailed budget and design a playground that will meet the needs of your community. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends separate areas for ages 6 to 23 months, 2- to 5-year-olds and school-age children; consider designing separate play areas for all age groups that may visit your playground.

Install Your Playground:

  • We have choices when it comes to the installation of your playground. You can recruit volunteers to help with the installation, which is supervised by a professional installer. Not only is our community build option exciting, but it helps create a sense of pride and ownership in the new play space. If volunteers are hard to come by, we can send a certified crew to install your playground professionally.

Enjoy and Maintain Your Playground:

  • When your playground is ready for public use, host a grand opening party to welcome visitors and thank all those involved in the process. Grand openings are a great way to celebrate all the work that went into creating the new play area.