What’s New

Quantis™ A.2



Age Ranges: 5 to 12 Years

  • Open format playscape and intriguing challenges that defy expectations.
  • Dynamic play packaged in a compact geometric design that’s perfect for pocket parks or any small footprint area.
  • A strategic belt bridge creates universal access by connecting two access points, each one at a different height.
  • Kids can head to the Oodle® seat at the structure’s core, navigate across the SwiggleKnots™ Bridge or tackle the overhead netting and molecular-style belting that offers built-in hand- and foot-holds.
  • A compelling tubular arch encourages players to flex their climbing skills as they maneuver over, under, across and up through naturally occurring geometric shapes on their way to the cool hangout spot above. As payoff for reaching the top, a gently curving glider brings them back down where the adventures begin anew.