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TopsyTurny® Spinner

TopsyTurny® Spinner

Age Ranges: 5-12 Years

The TopsyTurny® Spinner provides a fun way for kids to gain the valuable spinning motion they need for healthy growth and development.  It also accommodates a large number of kids on the platform, between cables, and on the ground so that friends can play together.  Spinning fast or casually rotating, the TopsyTurny Spinner is a great freestanding addition to your playground.


  • Large, black GripX-textured deck accommodates multiple kids and offers excellent traction and slip-resistance
  • Eight polyester-wrapped, steel-reinforced cables provide sufficient handholds; available in red or black
  • Spinner base and top made from durable, UV-stable rotomolded polyethylene in your choice of color
  • Center post available in any ProShield® color
  • Direct bury only

Developmental Benefits:

Sensory: Vestibular +, Proprioception

Motor Skills: Balance, Core Body Strength, Upper Body Strength

Cognitive Skills: Problem Solving

Social/Emotional Skills: Cooperation, Social Skill Development, Imaginative Play

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