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Beachcomber — Preconfigured Playstructure from Landscape Structures. 

Grab your best beach buddy and ride the wild surf on this wondrously wavy playstructure.  Kids will love creating seaworthy adventures as they sail across the Tidal Wave Climber, wind their way down curvy slides and hop-hop-hop over the Pod Climber®.  A cool color palette accentuates this flowy design that honors the graceful motion of ocean waves.  Young imaginations are encouraged to go with the watery flow as they surge forth to encounter marine life, discover buried treasure and explore the oceans of activity built into the BeachComber. Introduce this seaside attraction to any playground for hours of nautical fun—no sand required! 

Age Ranges: 5 to 12 Years


  • Preconfigured design with multiple slides.
  • Unique beach themed play structure.
  • Packed full of innovated play value and visually iconic.