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Liberty Park Playground

217 East Iredell Drive - Mooresville, NC 28115

Innovative, three-story playground incorporates the existing hillside landscape for added play excitement! A custom geometric tower at the top of the hill gives those who summit it a feeling of great accomplishment.

  • 5-to-12-year-old children have a plethora of climbing opportunities here – the custom PlayBooster® tower has a twisty slide and various types of attached climbers. Rock features with attached nets add a touch of natural texture.
  • The hillside below is peppered with hand and footholds for climbing and an enticing net feature beckons kids to scale the slope.
  • A custom, disc-shaped cable net structure marks the center of the play environment and invites children to climb, jump and hangout on the springy ropes and belting.
  • A slide down a GFRC hollow log brings visitors to the 2-to-5-year-old area where preschoolers can play on the arched Weevos® play system with a slide, crawl tunnel, Wee Planet™ climber and Giggle Jiggler®.
  • Throughout the playground, rubberized pour-in-place surfacing adds interest with raised moguls, and the soft but firm surfacing ensures that visitors with mobility devices can easily navigate the space. An inclusive Global Motion® spinner is a great way for kids of all abilities to collaborate and swirl to their hearts’ content.