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Transforming Outdoor Play with Innovative Equipment

At Carolina Parks and Play, we dedicate ourselves to enriching outdoor recreational spaces across North Carolina and South Carolina with high-quality, innovative playground equipment. Understanding the pivotal role of play in a child's development, our organization strives to provide engaging, safe, and inclusive playground solutions that cater to various ages and play preferences.

Our Diverse Range of Playground Equipment

We believe in the power of play and its ability to bring communities together. Our extensive catalog features a variety of playground equipment designed to inspire children to explore, learn, and grow through play. Below is a glimpse into our diverse offering:

Swing Sets and Merry-go-rounds

As timeless playground staples, our swing sets and merry-go-rounds are designed to thrill and delight, providing hours of fun and laughter.

Jungle Gyms and Climbing Structures

These intricate structures challenge and engage children, promoting physical coordination, strength, and problem-solving skills.

Playhouses and Play Panels

Encouraging imaginative play, our playhouses and interactive play panels offer a creative escape for young minds to explore and invent.

Slides, Monkey Bars, and Play Tunnels

From exhilarating slides to challenging monkey bars and adventurous play tunnels, our equipment offers varied physical activities that cater to different energy levels and interests.

Sandbox and Teeter-totters

Our sandbox and teeter-totters facilitate social interaction and cooperative play, crucial elements in building friendships and learning about balance and coordination.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Understanding the importance of promoting lifelong health habits, our outdoor exercise equipment is designed to be accessible and engaging for older children and adults alike.

Basketball Hoops and Soccer Goals

To foster teamwork and sportsmanship, our sports equipment, including basketball hoops and soccer goals, are perfect for schoolyards and community parks.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Our featured products, such as the Smart Play® Volo™, Forma™ Playsystem, and Focal™ Sensory Wall, showcase our commitment to cutting-edge design and functionality. Each product is tailored to provide inclusive play experiences, catering to children of different abilities and age ranges. We take pride in our successful projects, including the Park Circle Playground and Sky's the Limit Playground, which have not only won the hearts of communities but also set benchmarks in playground design and inclusivity.

Why Choose Carolina Parks and Play?

Our dedication extends beyond just providing playground equipment. We offer comprehensive resources, including replacement parts and a vast gallery of our completed projects, to support our clients in maintaining and enhancing their play environments. Led by a team of professionals, we ensure that each project we undertake meets the unique needs and preferences of our clients, making us a trusted partner in creating engaging and innovative outdoor spaces.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is echoed in testimonials from clients like Talena Stewart, Parks Manager at the City of Greenville, and Bobby Beville, Parks and Recreation Director at the City of Anderson. Their positive feedback highlights our professionalism, dedication, and the instrumental role we play in building accessible, safe, and fun play spaces for communities.

Moving Forward

As we continue to inspire and delight communities across North Carolina and South Carolina, our focus remains on quality, inclusivity, and innovation. At Carolina Parks and Play, we are not just creating playgrounds; we are crafting spaces where childhood memories are made, friendships are formed, and the joy of play is celebrated by all.

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