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Playground equipment carolina

Swing sets, slides, tree houses, rope courses, mazes, and monkey bars are just some of the most creative and physically enhancing playground equipment you can add to your park or recreational area. At Carolina Parks and Play, you will find an entire range of playground structures, park equipment, and landscape furnishing to make your park spaces more fun for the little ones.

Playground equipment should be more than just appealing to kids. They should also be safe for use. According to statistics, more than 200,000 kids in the United States are treated in emergency departments due to playground-related injuries.
Communities, schools, and even businesses are starting to realize the importance of high quality playground equipment. According to research, parks and playgrounds provide excellent health benefits for young and old alike. Access to parks can increase the frequency of exercise, which can help in fighting obesity and physical inactivity. What's more, it's a known fact that physical activity makes people healthier. Exposure to greenery and nature has the same effect.
On a larger perspective, cities and towns with good playground and park facilities are able to build stronger communities. Having playgrounds frequented by children with their parents can also reduce crime.
Even companies and businesses are now rethinking the use of playground equipment for their establishments. For example, restaurants with playgrounds are visited more frequently by large families. Urban areas that are close to playgrounds are also said to have higher property values--comparable to those that are close to schools and commercial areas.
If you want to get an idea of how to improve your property or establishment, have a look at our online gallery here at Our team has over 100 years of combined experience and we service North Carolina and South Carolina. We can offer innovative and modern solutions for premium quality park furnishings and safe playspaces. Get a complimentary site evaluation. Simply call us at 877-686-9188.
Playground equipment carolina

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