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Smart Play: Cube

NEW 2015 Product! The Smart Play: Cube Ages 2-5 from Landscape Structures!

While this play structure welcomes 2- to 5-year-olds for play, Landscape Structures recognizes that there are huge developmental differences between 2-year-olds and 5-year-olds. That’s why the Smart Play: Cube was designed specifically to meet the needs of kids ages 2 to 3.

The Smart Play: Cube’s unique look brings a modern feel to your play space. Its compact footprint will fit into tight spaces, and the affordable price makes it fit into projects of all budgets.

With Smart Play: Cube, kids get plenty of developmentally appropriate challenges within 14 interactive play events.

  • Steel drum: Kids drum to their own beat with this fun new drum panel, encouraging imaginative and creative play.
  • Nesting Puzzle: Moveable puzzle pieces that nest together to create engagements.
  • Slotted Puzzle: Puzzle pieces that fit over a tab develop critical thinking skills.
  • Puzzle Panel: Kids can arrange the puzzle panel pieces to make various designs.
  • Manipulative Arrow Panel: By rotating and sliding different shapes, kids are rewarded with a ringing bell.
  • Slide: A kid favourite that develops balance and coordination as well as motor planning skills.
  • Table Panel: Kids will have fun learn, learn to cooperate and play games and make-believe all while developing social and emotional skills.
  • Activity Table with Bench: Kids engage in interactive & collaborative play as they take on various activities.
  • Mirror Panel: Encourages social imaginative play, and allows kids to watch themselves and make funny faces with a friend on the other side!
  • Magnet Stack: Kids can explore the force of magnetism by bouncing these magnets against each other.
  • Arch Climber: Kids will develop coordination and learn to climb safely to the top of the play structure.
  • Ladder Rail Disks: This interactive play activity develops hand-eye coordination.
  • Steering Wheel: Kids will cruise along and experience the thrill of driving while stimulating their imagination.
  • Crawl-through Panel: Helps develop kids’ visual and spatial processing skills and provides a gateway to the fun.





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