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Netplex – Multi-Level Net Climbing Structures

Introducing Netplex … it’s what’s NEXT in play!

Netplex pushes kids beyond their expected boundaries, into a world of interconnected cables where there’s no right or wrong way. They can create their own path through a complex of multi-leveled, webbed nets. Climb to the top, swing from rope to rope, perch on one of the landings, or jump from one to the next. Connect crazy spinners, overhead events, slides, and bridges to make sure kids get a full dose of fun and healthy development. With safety built in, Netplex helps kids develop their confidence, risk-management skills and their muscles!

  • Configurable within the PlayBooster® playsystem: choose between a 7 post or 14 post main structure (with or without Vibe® roofs) and 2 core climbers, then connect compatible PlayBooster® components
  • Patent-pending clamping systems enables unique cable angles
  • Steel-reinforced cables extremely durable and vandal resistant
  • Latex-free rubber belting
  • Decorative post-toppers included
  • 8’ fall height meets international safety standards


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