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Home School Math

Home School Math

Home school math doesn’t have to be complicated in the early years. Montessori tools were designed by Maria Montessori to teach children ages 2-7 the foundations of math that will carry on to later years. If you stress over home-schooling math, there’s a simple solution that will help your child learn counting and basic arithmetic, like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division- and more difficult concepts, as well. Montessori To You has the perfect Math Kit for your child.

What is Montessori Learning?

The Montessori learning method uses a hands-on-approach that is lacking in most other curriculums. Colorful tools replace pencils and notebooks and give children a chance to explore with their hands, using the senses of touch and sight to master math skills quickly. The first skills your child will learn are counting and arithmetic. In time, the learning shifts from adding and subtracting to more challenging concepts. At Montessori To You, we have several home school math kits designed to keep your child growing in knowledge through the years.

Is Montessori Right For My Family?

Children naturally gravitate to Montessori tools because they’re colorful and fun to use. Instead of sitting at a desk with a textbook or workbook, children can use Montessori tools anywhere- on the floor, a dining room table, a homeschool desk, even the back of a car. From the very popular sandpaper numbers to the red and blue small number rods, there are many enjoyable tools in our Level One Math Kit at Montessori To You; we’re confident your child will love spending many hours engaged with self-learning and discovery with our math kit.

When Does Montessori Learning End?

Although the Montessori learning method was designed for ages 2-7, many home-schooling families continue with Montessori well into the teenage years; you’ll most likely find that your child prefers Montessori to all other types of curriculum you provide for them. Our Level Two Math Kit will take your child to the next level, with cards and counters, number cards featuring hundreds and thousands, the stamp game, and the beloved Golden Beads, which is introductory to the decimal system.

Home school math is more enjoyable with Montessori tools, but it’s more than just a means of learning math. Using the Montessori tools, the natural rhythm of numbers embeds in your child’s brain, allowing them to recall simple to complicated mathematical concepts in seconds.

Affordable Home School Math

If you’re tired of using software that forces your child to sit still at a computer for an hour at a time or are simply exploring your options for a better way to teach math, consider Montessori To You for a hands-free, supervision-free approach to math; your child will learn on their own without any interference from you- feel free to join in the fun if you prefer. Spending quality time with your home-schooled child has never been this much fun or as rewarding as it is with Montessori math tools. Don't be surprised if you learn a thing or two yourself.

Home School Math
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