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NEW 2017 – Landscape Structures Slides

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2017 NEW SLIDES — swift rides and quick turns from higher deck heights!

Double Swoosh Slide® – The fastest ride, times two

  • 50 percent steeper than traditional slides
  • 12″ sidewalls and longer exit area for safety
  • Attaches to 64″, 72″ and 96″ deck heights
  • Double scoop integrated hood design











WhooshWinder™ Slides

  • Attaches to 72” deck for 315-degree rotation
  • Attaches to 96” deck for 360-degree rotation
  • Twists clockwise only
  • Integrated slide hood for safety
  • Easy-glide slide railings to protect kids’ hands
  • 72”-high slide includes a transition platform
  • 72”-high slide available in direct bury or surface mount
  • 96”-high slide direct bury only

    WhooshWinder Slides

    A.  WhooshWinder™ Slide – attaches to 72″ or 96″ PlayBooster decks.
    B.  10′ Tower WhooshWinder™ Slide – attaches to 120″ deck on 10′ PlayOdyssey Tower.
    C.  12′ Tower WhooshWinder™ Slide – attaches to 144″ deck on 12′ PlayOdyssey Tower.

Click here to request more info on new slides for 2017!